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Do you know our Pros? Meet Parker Cook – Pro Skier turned Pro Furniture Fabricator & Designer

Meet  Parker Cook-   Pro Skier turned Pro Furniture Fabricator and Designer and forever supporter of the Billy Poole Foundation!

Meet Parker Cook.  Salt Lake City born and raised this man has been the life of every party since he was 2.  Parker learned how to ski with his pops Jeff and mama Linda. .  .You meet them and you realize how Parker grew up to be the raddest human ever!

 Parker’s history as a Pro skier actually hinges our dearest Billy Poole believe- it -or -not. Parker was badgering Billy for some free skis and Billy told him to get them himself, “Parker, you’re good enough- go get some sponsors” … and … he did:


Parker pursued professional skiing for a while and in turn got to travel the world for years with his SLC based shred posse: Julian Carr, Rachael Burks, Ben Wheeler, Will Wissman, et al.

Parker has been published in several different ski magazines and has been a part of many beautiful award-winning ski edits:

Watch Parker, Rachael & Julian have some serious fun in Chile:

After traveling the world and getting to ski dream locations Parker met his dream girl and fellow ripping skier: Kate Nebeker (who also participates in the Ski With A Pro Weekend) Kate and Parker reside in SLC and had a little girl who they named Piper.

Parker was smart enough early on to realize that while skiing was the coolest thing ever, it probably wouldn’t be the thing to sustain an income in the 10-year plan. . . So, he combined skill sets from his mother: an interior designer and his father: can build anything in the world… and started his own furniture business.

It’s called Parker Cook Design and can be found on facebook and also Instagram. PCD has expanded twice and now employs many local builders, welders, fellow shredders, and designers. His furniture is absolutely stunning. .  .



Parker is next-level in everything he does: He’s a next-level shredder, a next-level family man, a next-level participant in the Billy Poole Foundation, and TRULY a next-level human. His thoughtfulness, stoke, and unparalleled enthusiasm make up a huge part of the soul of our foundation. 

We are so thankful that the Cook family participates in the Ski With A Pro Weekend. . .  Thanks guys- can’t wait to see you all!!
Parker with his family.

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