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Do you know our Pros? Meet Claire Smallwood -Epic Skier, Executive Director and Co Founder of SheJumps *PLUS* a Private Chef

Do you know our Pros? Meet Claire Smallwood -Epic Skier,  Co Founder and Executive Director of SheJumps *PLUS* a Private Chef…

The Billy Poole Foundation is thrilled to welcome the one and only Claire Smallwood to Ski with the Pros Weekend this year!  Claire is not only a legendary skier, but she is also a demigod in the field of women’s empowerment.

Claire is a brilliant business woman who can not only speak four   languages (yes! 4!), ski like a superhero, create and conduct amazing outdoor skills programs for women of all ages, but also bring to life amazing culinary delights as a private chef.

Claire, Lynsey Dyer, and Vanessa Pierce founded SheJumps (501c3) in 2007 with a vision to rally all the phenomenal women of the outdoor sports world to create a network – and environment -designed to provide opportunities for women that may not have the ability to build their outdoor skill set on their own.   That discussion over coffee has since morphed into a 51-person team, including 45 volunteers around the country, working to introduce women and under-served kids to skiing and other sports.

“What inspires me about my work with SheJumps is the chance to create opportunities for women and children who would normally have none, and to plant the idea that it is possible to live an adventurous and inspiring lifestyle, no matter who you are or where you come from.”

Part of the allure of the outdoors is the mutual admiration and respect outdoor enthusiasts have for the call of the wild.  Claire understands both the intoxicating aspects of Mother Nature, as well as its unpredictable. crazy whims.  SheJumps programs are designed to instill both the love of the grandeur and the critical respect that nature demands. Life skills are taught in all SheJumps programs which prepare people for the crazy twists & turns life will throw your way – indoors and outdoors.

Through both SheJumps and her own ridiculously fun self,  Claire embraces the outdoor community, shares it with all she meets and clearly serves as one of its revered ambassadors.

Wise words from Claire –




“Don’t be so scared. I wish that I’d gotten more encouragement to say, ‘It’s OK to do this and fail.'”




So when not running SheJumps, Claire has another passion  – creating delicious meals.   There is nothing better than bringing people together with food.  Sharing stories after a great adventure with great people while enjoying a meal is a highlight all its own.

There’s a lot to be learned from making desserts:

 Combining sugar, butter, and flour teaches you the tenets of a good life: “Stay organized, put some love into it, dream big, have fun, and don’t forget to clean up your mess.”

Thank you again for joining us for the 2017

Billy Poole Ski with a Pro event at Ski Discovery!!

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