Skiing community

When asked about his pursuit of a career as a professional skier, Billy Poole had this to say:

It’s more for hanging out with your bros.  To me that is the money and that’s the lifestyle.  As cliche as it sounds, that’s what pro skiing is all about.  It’s not about collecting big checks and big parties.    … it’s about hanging out with other skiers who love it as much as you do and other filmers and photographers that just want to be out in the snow and in the mountains with you. -Billy Poole

This sense of community is what we want to share with young Montana kids.   Our programs are built and run by people giving back through volunteering.  Our volunteers are provided equipment rental and lift ticket if needed.

Are you interested in helping out with this mission? There are several ways you can become a part of the fun! It is an incredibly rewarding experience and will not only benefit you but has been known to transform and enrich the lives of all who are involved.

Adult Mentors

As an Adult Skiing or Snowboarding Volunteer, you will become what we call a Mentor. You will be assigned a small group of participants (at-risk or disadvantaged youth from the area) and will assist the Pros while spending a day on the mountain together, enjoying all that snow sports have to offer.  The goal is to inspire a love for the outdoors and develop healthy skills for dealing with life’s challenges.

Junior Mentors

As a High school aged Volunteer who skis or snowboards, you will become a Junior Mentor. You will be under the age of 18 and will be paired up with one of the groups to help assist the Pros with their group. Jr mentors may have previously participated in a “Ski With A Pro” weekend, but this is not a requirement.  Jr Mentors will spend the day on the mountain sharing their passion for being outside and enjoying snow sports with participants. Billy Poole said it best “it’s about hanging out with other skiers who love it as much as you do”. 

Event Aide (Other Volunteer Opportunities)

Are you not a skier, but would love to be a part of the magic? Non-skiing volunteers are also a big part of the program.  We need folks to help out in so many ways. There are volunteer opportunities throughout the year as well as during the events. You might be interested in helping coordinate fundraising events such as soliciting silent auction items, collecting bids, taking movie tickets, etc. On the “Ski with the Pros” weekend, we also need help with “Day Of” activities including bus chaperones, registration, gearing up, lining up, lunch, tired kids etc.

Pros and Industry Volunteers

We are always looking for people from the industry to help bring their Pro magic to help make this weekend special for the participants. If this sounds like you, please contact us at billypoolefoundation@gmail.com

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the form.