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Do you know our Pros? Meet Galen Bridgewater – Banked Slalom & Freeride Competitor, Pro Snowboarder & Billy Poole Ski with the Pros Regular!

Meet Galen Bridgewater –  Banked Slalom & Freeride Competitor, Pro Snowboarder & Billy Poole Ski with the Pros Regular!


Galen Bridgewater, simply put, inspires smiles and happiness!   A regular at the Billy Poole Foundation’s Ski with the Pros Weekend, and vehement enthusiast working to empower today’s youth,  Galen immediately wins the hearts of everyone she meets.  Her love of the sport and unbridled excitement is clear as she boards with our kids and mentors.   She innately encourages everyone to up their game. (This is partially due to the fact that she’s the fastest snowboarder out there)  From first time riders, to those who have boarded for years, Galen inspires everyone to challenge themselves and go for just that little bit more.


Galen is wildly in love with the art of snowboarding. She splits her time between the beautiful and wild states of Montana and Alaska, and exudes a work hard to play hard ethic. As a child her parents moved her cross country twice a year to follow their dreams of being ski professionals, immersed her in the mountain life and taught her all the lessons that come with it. As she grew her focus on ski racing and big mountain skiing shifted to snowboarding. Now, Galen’s focus and riding are sharper than ever.

After numerous podium finishes from Freeride World Qualifiers and the banked slalom scene, Galen has set her sights on a new stage, the MT/AK backcountry and developing youth snowboard programs.

“I love snowboarding, for me, it is like a dance. Every time I strap in there’s a new song playing and so many beautiful ways to interpret and ride down these magnificent mountains. I would like to share this passion (as it was shared with me) to more kids in need. Eventually, I would like to develop some wilderness snowboarding therapy for the underprivileged kids here in my community.”

We cannot wait to see Galen and dance with her at our event on February 3 & 4th.

Galen, with roots in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, chilling with another participate that also happens to be from the Mad River Valley!

See you in less than two weeks Galen!



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