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Do you know our Pros? Meet Cody Barnhill -Pro skier, Musician, Actor & Alternative Energy Guru, dear friend of Billy Poole an avid Ski with the Pros Supporter

Meet Cody Barnhill – Pro skier, Musician, Actor & Alternative Energy Guru, dear friend of Billy Poole and avid Ski with the Pros Supporter!

Websters Dictionary defines “Renaissance Man” as follows: a person who has wide interest and is expert in several areas.  This term personifies Cody Barnhill.   From skiing, to alternative energy, to music and even acting, Cody excel in all.

Born in Anchorage Alaska, Cody has always had an affinity for big mountains, deep snow and building things.  Cody grew up off the grid about 10 miles southeast of Anchorage on Flat Top Mountain. The proximity of his childhood home to the Chugach National Forest provided a 495,00 acre playground for Cody and his family.   Cody’s mad skiing skills drew the attention of major movie companies like Teton Gravity Research, Levitation Project and Sherpas Cinema.  Known for following his own passions rather than the ski film star path, Cody’s career has continually evolved since he moved to Alta, Utah, from his native Alaska at 21.

At Alta, Cody joined up with the likes of Billy Poole, Julian Carr, Will Wissman, Adam Clark, Rachael Burks and similar kindred spirits. Together they pushed each other and played in the Wasatch for many years. Cody is a close friend of Billy Poole.  They were roommates while at Alta.   We can only imagine the shenanigans that took place in that house.  Cody has been to almost every single Ski With A Pro event and has continually inspired us with his mind-blowing skiing abilities.

Music is a key part of Cody’s entire life.  His parents were big fans of The Grateful Dead and always had music playing at home.  Cody is a member of the Ketchum, ID based band The Sheep Bridge Jumpers where he contributes his voice as well as his bass and mandolin skills.  Check out The Sheep Bridge Jumpers at on Facebook.

Dipping his toe in acting, Cody starred in Sweetgrass Productions’ award-winning 2014 film, “Valhalla“.  Blending world class ski and snowboard action with a ground breaking style and structure, Valhalla follows one man’s escape into the Northern woods, and his wild journey toward satisfaction, understanding, and love in the deepest snow on earth.  “There were a lot of reasons we chose Cody, beyond the fact that he’s a ripping skier,” said Sweetgrass producer Nick Waggoner. “He’s got a certain creative intelligence, gravitating toward artistic projects and conversation about ideas that go beyond skiing. He’s not just a skier — we knew he had the mind for the nuance of what we were doing and wanted to film with ‘Valhalla.'”    *Please note, Valhalla is geared for adult audiences*

When not skiing,  making music or acting, Cody’s interest in engineering and alternative energy is evident.  According to Cody’s dad, he has always been able to work diverse materials to make them do what he needs them to do. “He MacGyvers everything himself. That’s my boy.”

“MacGyvering” seems to have been just as much of a guiding force in Cody’s life as skiing has been. From solar panel installation to good old-fashioned construction, motorcycle mechanic work, bicycle building, and even renovating alpine touring bindings to make them more lightweight for hiking and more efficient for aggressive backcountry skiing, it really seems like there’s nothing he can’t do. Even with his mechanical engineering smarts, it is his interest in understanding how off-grid living and alternative energy can improve, and become accessible to people in every income bracket, that has directed his career lately.

What’s super impressive about Cody and his goals (he is pursuing his degree and career in Energy Systems Engineering) is his economic and environmental approach to this ongoing project. Solar panels and wind turbines are cost-prohibitive for many alternative energy enthusiasts. Furthermore, the world is too beautiful a place, the rivers too wild, and the mountains too great to be compromised for energy’s sake.

Copper River, Alaska

“I want to figure out the simplest way to harness the energy that is constantly moving around us—from that, I want to create a simple machine that will allow any individual to generate power in their own space.”

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We are thrilled to see Cody again next weekend at Ski with the Pros Weekend 2018!


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