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A Highlight of Jaycee Jette. Long-term participant and promoter of The Billy Poole Foundation

Meet Jaycee Jette, Anaconda native and BPSWAP alumni!
Jaycee first started skiing with us at the age of 13 and has never missed an event since!!
Bubbly, bright, funny and kind, Jaycee has always been one to see the value in keeping her head on straight and her goals in sight.

Her school years were spent involved in a variety of ‘alternate activities’ with focus on drug and alcohol avoidance and inclusion and nurturing of fellow students in need.
She was even invited to Washington D.C. for a Youth Leadership Convention where she shined and very much enjoyed the skills and lessons taught there!
Skiing and snowboarding are excellent outlets for youth and many people have dodged the bullet of alcohol or substance abuse issues by simply becoming immersed in the culture and sports of the mountains.
Jaycee found a love for the mountains early on and taught skiing at Discovery Basin through her high school years “We are spoiled rotten here” she said about the ski wonderland of Disco. Loving the rewards of teaching children came naturally to Jaycee and she has been a confident Jr. Mentor in our program in recent years.

Now 20 years old, Jaycee is a thriving and respected member of the Anaconda community where she works for the Non-Profit “Anaconda Community Intervention”. ACI works with a variety of groups in the surrounding areas to reduce substance abuse and underage drinking.
Her schedule is crazy and unpredictable but she loves it and is very happy with the direction of her life.
When asked who her favorite PRO to ski with at the BPSWAP is, her answer was swift and positive…

“My favorite has to be Rachael! Rachael just has such a positive presence and even after the hardest wreck, you’re still laughing when you are with her. Rachaels laugh is a sound that once you’ve heard you will never forget and you’ll always know when she is near.” 

We concur and Rachael and the rest of us hope to see Jaycee playing in the mountains for years to come. 

Billy would be stoked. We adore Jaycee and are so proud of her. We are proud of her community involvement, leadership, and positive outlook. We are proud that she has been showing up to the Billy Poole Weekend for over a decade. Thank you Jaycee!! 

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