Share a Billy story

Billy lived a life full of adventure and crossed paths with many in his travels.  Please share your stories about Billy here.

4 thoughts on “Share a Billy story”

  1. Billy always made me feel like I was his most favorite Aunty – no matter what was going on around us – he looked me in the eye and listened to me. He was an exceptional person and he inspires me! Miss ya Billy!

  2. I went to high school with Billy, great guy and athlete. He looks like he accomplished so much in the little time he was with us. RIP!

  3. Flint creek canyon
    Billy decided it would be a good idea to ski the shale rock face in our sandals. Yeah, Pennie got a little bit of blood on her upholstery, Billy and I where laughing the whole time as we were being cussed to the nearest gas station (15 miles down to Philipsburg).
    Or knee boarding (surfing) on a plastic alligator floaty
    Or our attempt at barefoot skiing behind the red “theo” boat (Not quite the horsepower needed) he made hundred or so feet i made bout twenty we figured it out, then the boat died we had to paddle it back (without a paddle) across the lake
    Always Fun times with that kid

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